mscomsp_logo Today I was looking to do updates on our SharePoint 2007 Server and saw that Service Pack 2 was out. At the same time, I saw there was a bug with it as well. Something with the licensing gets screwed up and you have to re-enter your licensing info. Doesn’t sound like a major bug, but a bug never the less. I think I will wait until they have a fix out, who knows what other little gotchas are sitting around. Here is the link from the SharePoint blog with more detailed info and how to fix the licensing bug (or workaround).

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I have been for the last week working on an upgrade from SPS 3.0 to SharePoint Server 2007. Did the upgrade in my VMWare lab at home first to see if there were any major gotchas and the upgrade went very smooth, so I was ready to tackle the production environment at work. The upgrade went good, no major errors. We have a small farm, 2 physical boxes, one front end server and a SQL 2005 Server. Continue reading

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