Upgrading from SharePoint Services 3.0 to SharePoint Server 2007 & Event ID 5169

I have been for the last week working on an upgrade from SPS 3.0 to SharePoint Server 2007. Did the upgrade in my VMWare lab at home first to see if there were any major gotchas and the upgrade went very smooth, so I was ready to tackle the production environment at work. The upgrade went good, no major errors. We have a small farm, 2 physical boxes, one front end server and a SQL 2005 Server.

I thought I would blog my experiences about this because I got one nagging error in my production environment upgraded server Application Event Log that I couldn’t find any help from Microsoft’s support site or Google searches. Fortunately the company I work for has a SA with Microsoft so I got a free call and with their help I think we got things working. Once I knew what was wrong, it was a simple fix. The major error that I was receiving in the Application Event Log was:

Event ID: 5169
Source: Office SharePoint Server
Category: Publishing

Here is a screen shot of the error:


According to the Microsoft Tech I spoke to, it looks like it has something to do with Template files being corrupted during the upgrade. Nothing in the event logs or upgrade logs showed any problems, so I am at a loss as to why or how they got corrupted, but they did. All we really had to do was:

1. Do a Full Farm backup so you can roll back to the original configuration if needed.

2. Make sure to note what the name of the existing Content Database is. You will need this information when you re-add it to the new site.

3. Delete the existing Web Application (Central Administration – > Application Management -> Delete Web Application). Make sure Delete content databases is set to No. Make sure Delete IIS Web sites is set to Yes.

4. Create a new Web Application (Central Administration -> Application Management – > Create or Extend Web Application) and set the content database name to something temporary because we will be deleting it later.

5. After the site is created, go to Content Databases (Central Administration -> Application Management -> Content Databases). Make sure your new Web Application is selected, and click on its Database Name field.

6. Check mark Remove content database and click OK.

7. Once back in the Content Databases menu, click on Add Content Database.

8. Make sure your new site is listed in the Web Application and the correct Database Server is listed. Put in the ‘old’ database name in the Database Name field. Click OK.

9. Browse to the Web Application. Verify all looks like it is there and good.

It seems creating the new web application gave us a new slate. The upgrade bungled up the TEMPLATES (and I am sure a lot more), a bunch of the Site configurations for the site, and the search functionality was non-existent throwing up the infamous web error Error – Unknown Error for web pages. What was the most frustrating was not being able to find any info on the 5169 error (well, I did find one mention of it, but unrelated to my issues). At least it was nice to know that the content itself was pretty much untouched with the upgrade so burning down and rebuilding the Web Application was pretty painless.

**** Update: I had to run the command ‘stsadm -o sync -DeleteOldDatabases 0’ after all of this. I was getting hourly Event ID 7888 and 5555 in my application log. Thanks to Grant Earl for this tip!

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