Changing format soon…

I will be in the process in the next couple of months to convert/change the format and backend of this site. It has been a fun ride, but what I started up years ago doesn’t really reflect anymore what I can/want to post. Micro blogging (via Twitter/Facebook/Google+) seems to be more popular (and rightfully so) and my tech info on here is sorely outdated. I may move the articles over (if realistic), but I imagine there won’t be a comment system, etc. Thanks all who read this and have given input.

Cheers, Shawn

Post to myself

This is more of a post for myself than anything else. ūüôā

I plan on changing the format of It will probably stay a tech blog, but I am contemplating more of a wiki format. I will try and convert what articles I have over and see what I can do with some of the comments. Most of the articles that were popular have died off (mostly Windows 2008 stuff), but every once and awhile I get somebody thanking for having the info up here.

I am thinking more of a format for like tech notes. I am also thinking about making it some type of open forum where people can comment (setup accounts, etc). Although I don’t want something high maintenance. I don’t have much time to micro manage people’s comments and spammers.

I am sure whatever I want to do won’t happen fast.

I am also toying with the idea of just letting the site expire. It is not a $ thing, just more of a hassle. In the last couple of years, I have had to deal with more server issues (and DNS) than this has been worth and multiple site hack attempts (why hack this site, I have no idea). When I started out, it was fun. Now, it feels more and more like work since I do this kinda of stuff 40+ hours a week already.

Like I said, whatever I do won’t happen fast (or not at all ūüôā ).

Comments? Words of encouragement/discouragement? Please speak up. I still look at new comments as they come in.

So I never post…

Yeah, my bad.  Well I would like to update more, but I have to admit with Twitter and Google+ it is hard to since most of the stuff I want to say/do can be summed up rather quickly.

Well, I still do want to keep the site around (for many reasons) and am trying to think of longer articles to post.  Really.

Currently tech/job wise I am working fulltime on Linux/Unix. ¬†I literally have not touched a Windows box in months. ¬†I know my site has a lot to do with Windows server, but I don’t even use it any more. ¬†I renewed my TechNet for last year, but when the renewal comes up in July, I am not sure I want to plunk down $250 for another year. ¬†I don’t even use the Windows 7 install on my dual boot machine anymore, only to use something like iTunes.

At work I am using a Mac Book Pro for everything and honestly, loving it.  Sure it has it quirks, but man, it just seems more in tuned with what I need to work with.  Fortunately all the apps that I have need so far have not required me to use an iTunes account.

One product I have been working with in my spare time has been Proxmox.  I still have my VMware ESXi 5.1 server, but seriously considering converting it over to Proxmox.  I have been currently using it on a spare box I have so I have been having fun with that.

Well, when I have more, I will write it up.

Back online…

Turns out I was offline for a few weeks. My domain provider had a “clerical” error on their end and I was shut off. Finally resolved. Sorry for any inconveniences to anybody.

Latest adventures with vSphere 5.0

I was lucky to have some free time over the last couple of weeks and upgraded my lab environment to vSphere ESXi 5.0. ¬†Just a little background on my home environment, it is a Dell PowerEdge T105. ¬†As usual, I checked the HCL list on VMware’s site to see it it was on there for 5.0. ¬†It was not, but I did a bunch of googling and saw that many people were successful in installing/upgrading on hardware that was on the 4.x HCL. ¬†I figured since I installed all of this on a USB key, that worse case¬†scenario, I just¬†re-install¬†4.1 if it FUBAR my server. ¬†My VMs (important ones) where on an eSATA datastore drive array, so I felt pretty safe. ¬†Also one of my goals was to screen shot the upgrade, but alas if anybody saw my twitter when I did this, the install went so quickly, I wasn’t able to take anything useful.

Anyways, I am happy to say that the upgrade worked great, all of my VMs fired up and was able to start upgrading the VMtools on machines that were using it. ¬†So on to playing with some of the new features. ¬†First thing I tried was enabling the USB connection on my server for VMs. ¬†I had an older USB legacy IDE drive enclosure around (about a TB) from my old Windows 2003 server. ¬†I always had to plug it into a workstation to pull up anything on it, a real pain. ¬†It was primarily setup for simple backups or stuff I just didn’t want laying around on cramped disk space workstations, so it was something I would like running off a server if possible. ¬†Well I turned it on the device, added the USB virtual hardware to my Windows 2008 R2 VM, and the popup in the system tray found it right away. ¬†I was browsing the drive within a minute. ¬†Nice! ¬†For anybody that wants a quick write on adding USB devices, here you go from TechnoDrone. ¬†Once I clean up the drives, I want to test it out on my FreeNAS VM.

Also, for the curious, I found there is a way to run ESXi 5.0 within your existing 4.1 environment in case you do not have the available hardware, or just would like to do a POC.  I was initially thinking of doing this, but just went for the whole enchilada since this was only a test lab.  Also, if you were thinking of doing Hyper-V within ESXi 5.0, yep, supposedly doable as well.  Also note, they say it works with VMware Workstation 8 as well (which I would love to get my hands on and work with).

What I would like to do for testing, is you my Dell T105 as one environment, and my laptop as another.  My laptop has 8gigs of RAM so I can setup a modest/scaled down box so I can run through vMotion and Storage vMotion scenarios.  I have a gigabit Dell 2808 PowerConnect switch and a gigabit Ethernet port on my laptop, so I am hopeful I can get some decent speed out of that environment.